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    August 2004 Perry

    I’ve been writing a feature and some shorts and looking for funding for sometime but after watching Michael Moore Fahrenheit 9/11 I have decided to get my teeth into something that could make a difference.

    I liked Fahrenheit 9/11 but didn’t think it came anywhere near the brilliance of Bowling for Columbine. That film really blew me away. I’ve been looking for subject matter for a while from Toxic Shock Syndrome to Mothers Against Guns, worthy subjects but mostly alien to me. Then it struck me like a bolt out of the blue, smoking or more precisely tobacco!

    I’ve been working in and around the industry since 2001 even though I don’t smoke. But what angle to go on? Everybody knows smoking kills. What if I smoke 40 cigarettes a day for a month and see how it affects my general health from the condition of my skin, sperm count, ability to exercise etc. I discarded that idea for several reasons, the first being the release of ‘Super Size Me’ and the comparisons it would have levelled against it and secondly I really don’t think I could smoke a cigarette every twenty or so minutes or my waking day. (I’d really struggle with one).

    I have decided to investigate the tobacco industry. I think this is a broader subject with worldwide appeal and consequences. Maybe it will have a positive effect and redeem me in some small way from the guilt I feel working for the industry that brings suffering and death to millions of people across the planet.

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