• 30/5/07 Kate Piper – Day 1

    So the first day of smoke swap! Easier than I thought, perhaps because I got to witness Perry suffer so much it made me forgot my own pangs of longing for a ciggy!

    Although I feel annoyed already as I ate way to much, considerably more than normal just to keep my mouth busy and to stop my hand creeping into that cigarette box.  Another thing that infuriated me was that I had to give Smoky Joe (Perry) my fags and wait for it… their were still 8 in the packet! Ah hello, it was a ten pack!

    Katie Piper and Perry Stevens Smoke Swap day 1

    I also had to witness Mikey, my boyfriend smoking right in front of me! Being the individual that he is, he is not in any way shape or form about to bury his habit, so I must suffer whilst witnessing him inhale that smooth, succulent silver smoke! Katie

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