• Day 6 – Kate

    Okay I said I wasn’t going to go out clubbing last night but what’s a girl to do?

    After getting glammed up and enjoying a glass of wine we popped into a club and met the rest of the girls and drank champagne.

    Everyone around me was smoking but for the first time I really didn’t see the attraction, quite the opposite. I’m getting used to having fresh smelling clothes on my bedroom floor and I’ve noticed that gross, stale smell of cigarettes on everything now I’ve stopped smoking.

    I left the club early because I just couldn’t stand the smoky air. I’ll be happy to welcome in the smoking ban so my clothes and hair don’t have to smell like an ashtray anymore. And I never thought I’d hear my self saying that, in fact smoking is quite disgusting. There really isn’t any benefits from smoking at all.

    I thought that I’d stop smoking during Smoke Swap but would return to it after the cameras had disappeared but now, for the first time I think I will stop smoking for good. This is a whole new me, Katie the ex-smoker. Life will smell sweeter now I’ve stopped smoking.

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    Stop Smoking the Easy Way

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  • December 2004 Perry

    I’ve taken this month of work and I’m off to see my best friend MC in Los Angeles CA.

    It is really a breath of fresh air out in California. There is no smoking in any bar, club or restaurant so when you head of home at the end of the night you don’t smell like an ashtray. And I don’t know if is just me but I haven’t had a hangover either.

    Perry Stevens in Hollywood CA

    I’m no scientist but without that passive smoke my heads clearer in the morning than when I’ve had a similar amount to drink in any of my smokey London haunts.

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