• DAY 7 – Perry – Bermondsey

    Listening to: Hanoi Rocks – Beer and a Cigarette

    Emotion: Rocking

    I rise early in the morning and have not one but two cigarettes before breakfast. I sit at my desk and smoke a couple more while I’m planning my second week ahead as a smoker.

    I cycle down to the local shops to buy some essential food stuff. I puff away on a cancer stick without a care in the world while the wind blows through the space were once I had a full head of hair.

    Today marks the half way stage of our experiment. That’s halfway for me if I give up but the first week of the rest of Kate’s life as an ex-smoker, hopefully!

    I’ve arranged to meet Kate for lunch in Shoreditch.

    Kate tells me she had a facial yesterday as the toxins clearing her system have brought her out in spots. This is obviously having a negative effect on her resolve, as she, like any young woman places her physical looks in high regard especially when your job depends on it. I explain and reassure her that this is a temporary side effect. The capillaries under the skin of the face will flow with more oxygen instead of carbon monoxide. In a few days she will have a rosy glow of a healthy individual.

    Stop smoking or age your skin

    Smoking can age the skin by ten years so if you are spending a fortune on debatable anti-aging creams there is one sure way to keep looking young and save money. Don’t Smoke cigarettes!

    I know Kate is finding it hard to remain smoke free but she is persevering. She is astounded just how hard it is for her to quit and now realises she has been a slave to the cigarette and openly admits to being an addict at the age of 23.

    I have started to see a murmur of a change in Kate’s attitude to smoking but I know she’s not getting the support she deserves from some people in her life. In fact they are making it hard for her. I think without being involved in such a public experiment or having to keep a diary she may well have relented by now. Once she convinces herself she has stopped smoking she will find it easy to stop smoking. All power to her for sticking it out. The first step is always the hardest in any journey.

    SMOKES TODAY – 10 out of 10

    How Smoking Ages the Skin

    Smoking ages the Skin

    97 Reasons to Stop Smoking

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