• Day 7 – Kate

    Not much to report today. I got up and wanted a cigarette, I went to a casting and wanted a cigarette to calm me down, I had lunch with Perry and wanted a cigarette and now I’m bored and want a cigarette.

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    It’s been a week without cigarettes, the longest I’ve ever been without a cigarette for ten years. I should be happy but I feel bored and miserable without cigarettes since I stopped smoking. I though I was supposed to feel better without them. How long does it take to get this clean living high?

    I know I’m being silly and a moody bitch and I know it will get better but today is just so errh!

    The only consolation is that Perry, old Smokey Joe has been sick smoking but now is smoking all the time. Cigarette hanging out the corner of his mouth when he’s on his mobile, what a pikey. I can’t get used to seeing him smoke. It just looks wrong and he’s off to Barcelona tomorrow. It’s not fair!

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