• Here’s is an interesting pop quiz you can do to test your knowledge on smoking and the tobacco industry.

    Scroll down to the end for the answers.

    Q1. Marlboro cigarettes global annual sales exceed…

    A. $15 Billion                                                 B. $5 Million

    C. $ 10Million                                                 D. $10 Billion


    Q2. How many cigarette related deaths are there in the UK per year?

    A. 12,000                                                        B. 20,000

    C. 100,000                                                      D. 120,000


    Q3. How many compounds or additives are there in a cigarette?

    A. 600                                                             B. 160

    C. 60                                                               D. 600


    Q4. When a cigarette is burnt, how many toxic and/or chemical compounds are made?

    A. 1000                                                           B. 2000

    C. 4000                                                           D. 10,000


    Q5. Which country is the largest importer of American style tobacco?

    A. UK                                                             B. USA

    B. Brazil                                                         D. China


    Q6. How many cigarette filters are estimated to be found as litter in the westernised world?

    A. 4.5 Thousand                                             B. 4.5 Million

    C. 4.5 Billion                                                   D. 4.5 Trillion 


    Q7. Predicted deaths from smoking for the year 2030 are…

    A. 4 Million                                                     B. 6 Million

    C. 8 Million                                                     D. 10 Million


    Q8. Brazilian tobacco farmers have a higher than average suicide rate from the rest of the country. Is the rate…

    A. 3 x Higher                                                  B. 5 x Higher

    B. 7 x Higher                                                  D. 10 x Higher 


    Q9. The first country in the world to ban the sale of tobacco and smoking in public places is…

    A. Australia                                                     B. Bhutan

    C. Ireland                                                       D. Canada


    Q10. Bidis are…

    A. Old people                                                 B. A healthy cigarette

    C. An unfiltered cigarette                                 D. A sweet 


    Q11. Philip Morris’s Youth Smoking Prevention Program advertisement on MTV Europe was called…

    A. You don’t have to smoke to be cool          B. Don’t do it!

    C. Cool it… a smoke?                                   D. I’m cool, I just can’t help it.


    Q12. Since the ban on tobacco advertising in the UK in 2003 how many new brands have Philip Morris launched?

    A. 0                                                                 B. 1

    C. 2                                                                 D. 3 

    your basic cigarette message


    Q1 (A) Philip Morris manufactures, markets, sells and distributes in more than 160 countries.

    Q2 (D) 120,000 deaths a year is equivalent to the population of a town the size of Norwich or Chester.

    Q3 (A) Arsenic (Rat Poison), Formaldehyde (Body Preservative), Acetone (Nail Polish Remover), Hexamine ( BBQ Lighter), Cadmium ( Rechargeable Batteries), Lead (Petrol Fumes) Methanol (Rocket Fuel) and Ammonia (Household Cleaner) are all found in cigarettes.

    Q4 (C) The additives used in the manufacture of cigarettes are government approved for food. However, they were not tested by burning them. It is the burning of the substances that changes their properties. Many of these chemicals are carcinogenic. i.e. cause cancer.

    Q5 (B) Tobacco companies now grow and manufacture cigarettes in developing countries where overheads are less, markets are larger and anti tobacco legislation is almost non-existent.

    Q6 (D) Cigarette filters are not biodegradable as cellulose acetate; a form of plastic, is one of the components that make up the butt and never breaks down.

    Q7 (D) 70% of these deaths will be in developing countries.

    Q8 (B) A link was found between organophosphate pesticides and skyrocketing suicides which coincided with the seeding and harvesting of tobacco crops in Venancio Aires.

    Q9 (B) The Himalayan kingdom of 900,000 people banned tobacco use in early 2005 as part of its continuing tobacco-free initiative programme.

    Q10 (C) Imported from India, these cigarettes contain tobacco but are wrapped in nonporous leaves and sold in a variety of flavours such as strawberry, mango and vanilla. Bidis are referred to as cigarettes with training wheels by health authorities.

    Q11 (A) This initiative is dwarfed by corporate sponsorship, marketing and point of sale activity at rock concerts, formula 1 and sporting events.

    Q12 (C) Basic and Marlboro Blend 28 have both been successfully launched in the dark market post advertising ban.


     Have you got what it takes to be a tobacco executive?

    >> Take this cool interactive quiz  at www.thetruth.com Now <<

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  • January 2005 Perry

    Happy New Year and back to work! I’m on a big come down. Missing my buds, the sun, the beach of San Diego, LA and of course the honeys. (Now I know what the Beach Boys were singing about when they sang ‘Californian Girls’). Plastic Fantastic!!!!

    I really got to get out of this job soon with PM. I’m having a big problem representing the brand and if someone wants to know about negative subjects of the industry I feel obliged to tell them the true facts. I’m getting to be a walking encyclopaedia on the subject.

    As for the proposed forthcoming ban on smoking in bars etc. bring it on!

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  • October 2004 Perry

    Research is going well but it is hard to keep things quite. I feel like a kind of Jeckle & Hyde character. I can’t tell work buddies what I’ve been getting up to every weekend or why I can’t make it out for a drink. I finish the day job and research, research, research.

    Prostitutes and Junkies

    Some of the things I’m finding out blow my mind and when I question the company line and look at things from outside the box some really interesting questions are springing up. Every answer I find opens the way for more probing.

    >> Quit Smoking Now – The Easyway <<

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  • August 2004 Perry

    I’ve been writing a feature and some shorts and looking for funding for sometime but after watching Michael Moore Fahrenheit 9/11 I have decided to get my teeth into something that could make a difference.

    I liked Fahrenheit 9/11 but didn’t think it came anywhere near the brilliance of Bowling for Columbine. That film really blew me away. I’ve been looking for subject matter for a while from Toxic Shock Syndrome to Mothers Against Guns, worthy subjects but mostly alien to me. Then it struck me like a bolt out of the blue, smoking or more precisely tobacco!

    I’ve been working in and around the industry since 2001 even though I don’t smoke. But what angle to go on? Everybody knows smoking kills. What if I smoke 40 cigarettes a day for a month and see how it affects my general health from the condition of my skin, sperm count, ability to exercise etc. I discarded that idea for several reasons, the first being the release of ‘Super Size Me’ and the comparisons it would have levelled against it and secondly I really don’t think I could smoke a cigarette every twenty or so minutes or my waking day. (I’d really struggle with one).

    I have decided to investigate the tobacco industry. I think this is a broader subject with worldwide appeal and consequences. Maybe it will have a positive effect and redeem me in some small way from the guilt I feel working for the industry that brings suffering and death to millions of people across the planet.

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