• Day 5 – Kate

    To stop smoking is harder than I ever imagined. I’m doing it without any aids so I’m going totally cold turkey! Apparently patches and NRT don’t work very well either but after Smoke Swap is finished in exactly eleven days time Perry said he would get me a hypnotherapist if I wanted or need one. I’ve heard about Allen Carr’s book ‘The Easy way to Stop Smoking’, who hasn’t? I think I need to buy myself a copy pretty damn quick. So I am trying to stop smoking, I really am.Trying to Stop

    It doesn’t help that my boyfriend constantly smokes around me and even taunts me with cigarettes. The only way I can see myself getting through the two weeks experiment successfully is to avoid my smoking friends and all smoky situations, so it’s no China Whites and clubbing for me this week.

    I think anybody trying to stop smoking after the smoking ban comes in will find it easy as it wont be in your face so much anymore. When I’m not thinking about cigarettes I’m okay but as soon as I see a cigarette, I want so much to smoke one or at least have a quick puff.

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