What happens to an individual physically and socially when, as a life long, healthy living non-smoker, he starts to smoke cigarettes?

    What happens to an individual physically and physiologically when having smoked 10 cigarettes a day since her early teens she decides to give up unsupported?

    Smoke Swap follows producer/director Perry (non-smoker) and presenter Katie (smoker) as they embark on this social experiment in the run up to the ban on smoking in public places on 1st July 2007.

    Under the watchful eye of Dr. Mace, Perry and Katie will be monitored for the positive and the negatives effects of their actions. He will chart the changes in the cotimine levels, carbon monoxide levels, skin, respiratory system – oxygen carrying capacity, sperm and general health over a two week period. (It would be great if we could find a computer wizz to age both people according to their smoking preference).

    Not only will we see the crossroads of health changes of the two individuals over the outlined time but we will also see what happens to the couple during their social time. How they deal with their cravings and addictions. We observe how the new social surroundings effect their habits i.e. Smirting, cravings and irritability levels.

    Katie will give up smoking unsupported (cold turkey) but we will look into alternative methods, NRT’s, hypnosis and will power. Will she put weight on? After the elapsed time frame will she revert back to smoking?

    Katie Smoke Swap

    How will Perry approach the first cigarette? Will his body reject the poison? Katie will school him on how to light up, inhale and hold a cigarette. Will he become addicted? Will he be able to get off them when it’s finished and if so how? Perry will also buy a jar and keep all his smoked butts in.

    Perry Stevens Smoke Swap

    What conflict between Perry and Katie will arise during the course of the experiment

    Smoke Swap will have the answers and will; I’m sure, throw up many more questions.

    **Hypnotherapy could be used on Perry to implant a trigger so at the end of the experiment his identity as a non-smoker will return.

    The Smoking Man – Perry

    The Abstainer – Katie

    Professional – Dr. Peter Mace / Dr. Sunny Kaul / Dr. Ranak

    Therapist – Lee Bannister IGPP ITEC Dhyp NLPprac

    Respiratory Physiologist – ??????

    Camera – Lorna-Jane Hamer / Sam Harvey

    Editor – Stephen Wilson

    IMP Film Co. London Production Company

    © IMP Film Co. All rights reserved 2007

    >> Quit Smoking Now! <<

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  • 21 October 2004 Perry

    Received a text very early this morning from CA in New York. He had just had a meeting with MS lawyer. He agreed to represent the documentary if he gets to do the legals.

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  • August 2004 Perry

    I’ve been writing a feature and some shorts and looking for funding for sometime but after watching Michael Moore Fahrenheit 9/11 I have decided to get my teeth into something that could make a difference.

    I liked Fahrenheit 9/11 but didn’t think it came anywhere near the brilliance of Bowling for Columbine. That film really blew me away. I’ve been looking for subject matter for a while from Toxic Shock Syndrome to Mothers Against Guns, worthy subjects but mostly alien to me. Then it struck me like a bolt out of the blue, smoking or more precisely tobacco!

    I’ve been working in and around the industry since 2001 even though I don’t smoke. But what angle to go on? Everybody knows smoking kills. What if I smoke 40 cigarettes a day for a month and see how it affects my general health from the condition of my skin, sperm count, ability to exercise etc. I discarded that idea for several reasons, the first being the release of ‘Super Size Me’ and the comparisons it would have levelled against it and secondly I really don’t think I could smoke a cigarette every twenty or so minutes or my waking day. (I’d really struggle with one).

    I have decided to investigate the tobacco industry. I think this is a broader subject with worldwide appeal and consequences. Maybe it will have a positive effect and redeem me in some small way from the guilt I feel working for the industry that brings suffering and death to millions of people across the planet.

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