• Day 4 – KatePiper

    I find myself staring at people smoking cigarettes, I can’t help myself. I want to take a drag of a cigarette and inhale the succulent smoke deep down into my lungs. It’s really hard when all around me everyone is smoking, especially after a glass of wine or two or a meal.

    Sleeping is proving to be a problem for me. I feel bloated and wake up in the middle of the night gasping for a cigarette. I’m supposed to be saving money but I’m spending more now then ever. Not on cigarettes but biscuits and snacks.

    I pop down to the shops late at night and stock up on loads of biscuits, chocolate and crisps and by the morning they’ve all gone.

    I may well be going to live forever by stopping smoking but I’m going to be one big bloater if I do! Tell me it’s going to get better! I’ll have to start going down the gym, at least I won’t be out of breath walking up the stairs before I get there.

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