• December 2005 Perry

    On a two month trip to Cuba I managed to wander around a tobacco farm. All the tobacco leaves here are sold to the government and made into one of the many famous cigars Cuba is known for. The leaf debris is not wasted. That goes on to make cigarettes.

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    Cuban tobacco and drying sheds

    Cuban tobacco curing shed

    Cuban tabacco furrows

    cuban tabacco field

    Cuban tobacco crop

    mature Cuban Tabacco leaves

    Tobacco plants and drying sheds – Cuba 2006

    Above: This plantation was in the Vinales district of Cuba. The curing sheds were the tobacco is hung to dry out were severely damaged in the hurricanes that hit the Caribbean and Latin America a month earlier.

    Tobacco Factory Havana Cuba

    Tobacco Factory in Havana Cuba

    Real Fabrica de Tobacos – Cuba 2006

    Above: Tobacco factory in Havana, Cuba. No cameras are allowed inside but hundreds of people are employed here for about $15 per month hand rolling cigars to be exported all over the world an incredibly inflated prices.  Typically a sngle Montechristo could set you back over £20 and a box of 25 could cost you over £500.

    The factory produces around 30 different brands of cigar including Cohiba, Montechristo and Romeo Y Julieta using different or a combination of leaves for each brand.

    Cuba tobacco farmer, Perry and guide

    The Cuban farmer, Me and my guide sit in a curing shed and pose with contrabound cigars.

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  • Saturday 23 April 2005 Perry

    This is the third day is Barcelona shooting for Vodafone. Had plenty of time to visit Gaudi Cathedral and the sites of this amazing city.Smoking in Spain

    After shooting in the Gothic Quarter today we stumbled upon a small bar were a band of musicians jammed away playing Jazz with some crazy Balearic beats. After dinner around midnight we went to a club. A new brand to me was promoting their cigarettes, BlueNYC.

    Five cigarette girls greeted us at the door. There were dancers, photographers, pack give a ways, competitions and loads of POS everywhere. A cameraman was filming the night. I couldn’t believe they could still do this in Europe. We left this club around 3am and went across the road to ‘The Catwalk’. The Spanish do seem to like to smoke a lot.

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