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    DAY 9 Perry – Barcelona

    Listening to: Thirteen Senses – Undivided

    Emotions: Hungover

    It’s early in the morning and the temperature at Circuit de Catalunya must be in the 30c and rising.

    I decide to be colour co-ordinated today so I plum for Marlboro Reds. My hangover seems to be worse than usual due to the amount of cigarettes I am now consuming on a regular basis and the amount of smoke in some of the bars I found myself in last night. I’m smoking Reds today as a form of punishment. I’m told by seasoned smokers that these are harsh and very strong.

    Stop Smoking Marlboro Red

    A special edition Moto GP pack of Marlboro Reds – Spain 2007

    Stop Smoking Today

    I remember when I used to market these things that the biggest market was always at the hard rock music festivals, Download and Ozzfest to name but two. Machismo Reds – hard music, hard living, hard cigarettes!

    By the end of the day my throat is course. The sceptics out there could argue that because of the heat I’m dehydrated but I’m drink throughout the day so I can only put it down to having smoked the Marlboro Reds.

    I notice changes are occurring rapidly to my body, longer recovery and intensity of hangovers, gravely and deeper voice and the ease I can now smoke ten cigarettes a day. Nine days ago I was very ill if I smoked twoc cegaerettes in succession, now I could in fact smoke more than ten. Not that I’m going to, that would be dumb.

    Stop Smoking it's dumb - BonoI duck out of heading out tonight and instead opt to read Bono on Bono by Michka Assayas in my room. The author presses the U2 frontman on drugs. He answers ‘Bottom line: I think drugs are dumb. Bottom line: I think abuse of alcohol is dumb. Bottom line: I think that cigarette smoking is dumb. And that’s it really. My point about alcohol is that if you abuse something, it abuses you back. That’s really it. Whether it’s a spliff, whether it’s anything, there’s a boomerang to it.

    My personal thoughts on cigarettes are that they are the dumbest drugs around. They don’t get you high, you don’t hallucinate and you don’t get loved up. They promise you you’ll be cool, look rebellious and be free. In reality and at best they burn the money in your pocket, make you look old before your time and make you smell bad. At worst they make you impotent (you’re not cool if you can’t get it up), you’re a slave to the nicotine fix and you have a long slow painful death. The longer I’m in this Smoke Swap experiment the more my thoughts are enforced. There are no positives to smoking. I’ve been very honest and open and there are just no positives to smoking… it’s dumb!

    I rest my dumb head on the pillow and promptly fall asleep.

    SMOKES TODAY – 10 out of 10

    Reynolds eyes co that helps smokers stop

    Stop Smoking Today

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