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    31/5/07 Katie Piper – Day 2

    Ahhhhh! The worst day of my life! I couldn’t sleep all night as was dying for a cancer stick, so I slept in and didn’t move my car from the meter and got a £80 fine! All this quitting smoking saves money blah, blah, blah!, would of been cheaper to buy ten fags and a lighter and slept well, woke up and moved my smokey motor!

    Anyway, enough of this bitching! I went to the gym today thought I felt fitter, but no way can that be possible after 2 days. I’m just trying to find the pros in this experiment but yet to find any at all!

    Oh my, only day two, I nearly broke tonight when I went to a Thai restaurant and sat in the smoking section and had a whole bottle a wine, ex smokers hell! I was so close to caving in so early on, I started to tell myself if I have a few puffs on someone else’s cigarette it won’t count because I’m not technically having a cigarette myself, it’s someone else’s. Yes I hear you cry, don’t worry I didn’t actually do it, Instead I had a crap night thinking about the joy of smoking all night!

    Katie Piper Spider Man Stop Smoking

    I went to work at midnight and I was experiencing the worst case of depression since my budgie Colin died! Its unexplainable I feel really down, oh and a right chubster, I’m just hankering for when the happy lights and sparkle happen. Quitting smoking is supposed to be a breath of fresh air, well I say roll on the next few days cause all I see right now is a black hole!

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